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Q & A on A/C Blowing Hot Air

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A/C Blowing Hot Air

Q:     I bought a used 2008 Equinox from a very reputable dealer. Since I bought it while driving, the AC would periodically blow a small amount of hot air but soon correct itself. When it would do this, it would change from recycled air to fresh air and not allow me to change back. Today, while idling, it started blowing really hot air and would only correct itself when I would drive. Also, later in the afternoon, I got the message "ENGINE HOT A/C OFF". I immediately took it up to the dealer when it cooled down

Any idea what all of this is? Does the overheating and the A/C correlate in some way? I'm so confused and mad. I hope this won't cost a fortune! Any help is truly appreciated!

D. Venza

A:     It probably is the coolant fan not turning on. Yes, it sounds correct. The radiator fans also blow air through the A/C condenser. No air going through the condenser = no cold A/C. This is why the radiator fans are supposed to kick on whenever the A/C is turned on. Notice that I say "fans" - there are actually two radiator fans on the 2005-2009 Equinox. It would be highly unlikely that they would both fail at the exact same time. I'd first check your fuses and relay for the radiator cooling fans.

I have heard of the plug going to the fan motors going bad too so I'd also check that.






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