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Q & A on Fuel Pump Installation

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Q:     I am working on a '98 Chevy Blazer with a bad fuel pump. I am having trouble getting the plastic gas lines off the old fuel pump. Is there a special tool / trick to getting them off? Or should I cut the plastic lines, and replace them with high pressure rubber fuel lines?


A:     Let me help ANYONE who has this same problem out! OK here is what I did:

I went out and bought this "tool" to get the plastic fuel lines off the fuel pump, and guess what?

There is no room to get the tool in there! So here is what I did, and my how-to guide to help you remove and install a new fuel pump in your vehicle:

1. Disconnect the positive lead on the battery

2. Disconnect the filler line running into the tank (Its the bigger of the 2 rubber hoses located on the back of the tank)

3. Drain the gas out of the tank. (a squeeze pump is what I used to get the gas out into a 5 gallon tank)

4. Disconnect the smaller rubber hose in the back next to the filler hose

5. Disconnect the SMALL rubber hose towards the front top of the tank.

6. Loosen the front tank strap till the nut is almost off, and then take the back tank strap all the way off.

7. Take the 3 plastic lines that connect to the fuel pump, grab on to one AT THE TOP where it plugs into the fuel pump, and break them off one at a time. Make sure you break them at the fuel pump, and not the actual line. You will need to save the 2 clips on the 2 lines, and the 3rd line is just a snap on deal.

Make sure you MARK them before you snap them off.

8. Drop the empty tank, and put it somewhere flat to work on.

9. Remove the pump, and make sure you clean the inside of the tank of all debris.

10. Install new pump, and reverse steps.

Dee Lofton




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