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Please note: Questions and answers are provided for information and advice purposes. No liability either express or implied is assumed by reliance on the information presented either by the writers or the CC. Some or all of the below is from our Facebook Group and this is just a part of what appears there and in the member magazine. Also be sure to see our Facebook group for immediate help from fellow members.

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Q:     I’ve had a water leak that’s ending up in my driver’s side carpet on my 1999 Silverado, creating a puddle all over the driver’s side carpet. I’ve been told my different mechanics to fix my weather seals, windshield seals, get a windshield replacement , look at my fender, and even check my vapor barrier on the door panel. Today I took off my driver side door panel and the vapor barrier was perfectly dry. I am looking for CDL Truck Driver Positions Available, the truck will sit this next week to see if water comes in when it’s just raining, or when I am driving. After pulling up my carpet I saw a small wet spot underneath the brake pedal. I bought this truck to learn how to fix any problems myself, as I would love to learn instead of paying for someone else to fix it. I need to drive almost every day for college, so hoping to not have to send it a shop and just work on it when home.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


A:     I experienced a situation where I was getting moisture build up under the rubber mat and carpet on the driver side of my 03 Silverado. It had no odor like anti freeze so it wasn’t a heater hose leaking so I narrowed it down to plain water of some sort, but where from and how is it getting in?? My carpet and mat would be wet on non rainy days so that really threw me for a curve. I finally narrowed it down to the AC Condenser. The condenser has a plastic sealed housing around it that also serves as a catch-pan for condensation build up. Attached to the bottom of that pan is a rubber tube that leads out to the firewall of the truck to drain. Turns out, I had so much crud or sludge built up (decades worth) in that catch pan that the drain tube got clogged leading to overflow and ultimately leaking water from the top of the catch pan that clipped to the condenser housing and just to be sure I bought a car covers in order to reduce the moisture becoming trapped under the bodywork and potentially damaging the car’s paint. Since then I’ve been high and dry!…well just dry anyway. The overflow was what was making the floor board wet. I got the parts to fix the condenser at a Commercial Truck Parts for Sale store.

Nicholas Turon

First 2020 Corvette Sells For $3 Million

from Business Insider

Only one part of the Corvette remains the same from its prior generation, according to Chevrolet, and the winner also receives a guided tour of the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“When you completely reimagine a car as iconic as Corvette, you get a beautifully sculpted mid-engine sports car that makes a powerful statement,” the automaker says.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra was on hand for the auction. The money from the car’s auction will go to benefiting the Detroit Children’s Fund, a non-profit that was created to help improve Detroit school qualities.

The first car off the production line for highly anticipated models is often auctioned by the manufacturer for charity as it is prized by collectors.

“DCF investments support the expansion quality schools public schools; the improvement of lower-performing schools; the development, retention, and recruitment of educators; and city-wide initiatives that support school quality,” Barrett-Jackson wrote in a statement.

The final winning bid was put down by car collector, former NASCAR driver, and current NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick, GM said.

This isn’t the auction house’s most expensive and outstanding Corvette auction achievement: in 2014, a 1967 L88 Corvette Coupe achieved $3.85 million during an auction. The convertible 2020 Corvette 3LT starts at $78,945. This means the $3 million achievement is 38 times its MSRP.

First 2020 Corvette Stingray
2020 Corvette Stingray Auction Check

Meet the New Chevy Club Members

This highlights some
of the new members that
have joined the club since the last WORLD.

Recent members names may appear in a subsequent issue as printing deadlines may have prevented your name from appearing in this issue.

Faris Althwej
Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Faris has a 2004 Colorado.

Wojciech A Sliwa
Irwin, Pennsylvania
Wojciech has a ’96 black Impala SS.

Richard Jenkins
Scottsdale, Arizona
Richard has a 1948 FleetMaster.

Alexander Brown
Troy, Michigan

Mark Palmer
Cary, Illinois
He has a golden anniversary C10.

Tony Lozzo
Los Angeles, California
Tony has a 2019 black Equinox.

Zachary Nutt
Troy, Michigan

Alexander Brown
Troy, Michigan

Derek Davis
Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico
Derek has a ’56 gold/yellow Belair with 22,000 original miles.

Rachel & Stefen Wojiechowski
Ortonville, Michigan

Technical Section – Q & A’s – Upkeep Hints

Please note: Questions and answers are provided for information and advice purposes. No liability either express or implied is assumed by reliance on the information presented either by the writers from vpnfair.

Some or all of the below is from our Facebook Group and this is just a part of what appears there and in the member magazine, you can easily find amazing products, reviews and recommendations of coats, parts and more, Resource:

Also be sure to look at comparison test and see our Facebook group for immediate help from fellow members.

Q:     Both of the low beams in my 2012 Malibu burned out at the same time. I replaced them and still no low beams. High Beams and running lights/turn signals work. Ideas? Checked both fuses for r/l low beams and the relay as well as the fuse/relay for the DRL are all good.

Aaron Scott

A:     Both low beams are powered by a low beam relay that is turned on by the bcm.

If you have no power to both low beam fuses … move back to the low beam relay. Turn the headlight switch on and off … the low beam relay should click. If not, swap the relay with another relay in the fuse box.

If still no good … remove the relay … the relay socket should have 4 terminal pins … 2 pins should have battery voltage at all times. 1 pin goes to the bulbs, the remaining pin goes to the bcm. The bcm pin provides ground to close the low beam relay. If it’s not supplying ground the relay won’t close. If providing ground to the bcm pin makes the headlights work …. either the bcm is bad or the low beam switch input to the bcm is bad.


1973 Chevrolet Constantia

If you look at very antique car and feel passion for it, then this article is totally for you.

I thought my 1973 Chevrolet Constantia Six may be of interest to your club members, specially after Liam recommended this antenna replacement, as a little known South African chapter of Chevy history.

North American sourced Chevy and Pontiac sedans ceased South African production (built in Port Elizabeth) in 1969. The C10 continued in production to around 1978 as the only genuine US sourced Chevy. As 1970s sedan replacements, Chevrolet introduced Opel Record/Commodores and the Vauxhall Viva/Firenza derived cars, many re-engined with 2.5L,3.8L and 4.1L Chevrolet motors as lower to mid-end models. Reason behind the engine choice – we already had the tooling in place, and the ‘’Stovebolt’’ particularly, was well suited and respected locally as a great car, you can find in dealerships and online sites such as

The upper mid to upper range cars were Australian GM-Holden based, introduced in reconfigured local specification and given South African names. My car is a Holden Statesman Custom HQ (1971-74) rebadged as a Constantia or Deville depending on spec, available in Six or V8 options with a security alarm installed, If you do not have yours check some of these local options for installation and protection.

They were cosmetically redesigned regards grille and used Nova/Malibu hubcaps (I also owned a Canadian derived ‘69 Pontiac Grande Parisienne with same ‘’caps as standard issue.) This particular car is the base line of the “senior” range, has no frills except P/S, auto box, and P/B. Drivetrain is a 4.1L 250 cubic inch L6 (which is unique to SA on this model car- Holden had a 3.3L L6), some (this one) are coupled to Turbo 350 transmissions not the standard Australian Trimatic usually so associated, due to a late 1973/ early 74 supply hiccup on the Trimatic, since these models are perfect for this, and every since of garage, and you can also use a site online to find everything you need to properly organize your garage space.

I bought this car a few years ago from its original very aged owner with full documentation, even the original advertising brochure, sales doc’s and “supported” 167,000km on the clock. He stated it was his “Church and Special Occasion car” which seems true as what needed doing gave testimony to the fact of a much pampered vehicle with long periods of idleness between use, all I did was adding tinting to their windows using services from . Window tinting isn’t just for vehicles. You can also install window tinting on your home windows. It can not only add strength and protection to your glass, but also lower your energy bills. It also increases privacy without decreasing the value of your home. If you are looking for residential window tinting services near you, visit to get matched today to prescreened and customer-rated pros ready to help.

As a matter of historical footnote, Holdens ( Commodores) were reintroduced into South Africa as a Chevrolet Lumina and Lumina SS from 2002-2011.

Karl Furrutter
Johannesburg South Africa

1973 Chevrolet Constantia of Karl Furrutter of South Afirca
1973 Chevrolet Constantia of Karl Furrutter of South Afirca
1973 Chevrolet Constantia of Karl Furrutter of South Afirca
1973 Chevrolet Constantia of Karl Furrutter of South Afirca

From Camaro to Corvette

Don’t stop at headliners like the Bel Air when it comes to all-time great Chevy cars.
Don’t stop at headliners like the Bel Air when it comes to all-time great Chevy cars. (GM/Contact)

Chevrolet is a conundrum. At their very best, they are an enthralling and romantic American brand, complete with imaginative design and inspired powertrains that come together to create amazing vehicles. If you always dreamed about having a classic american car and don’t have enough money to buy one, you still have the option of finding one of the used cars for sale for a very accessible price!

The Bel Air. The Camaro. The Corvette. All groundbreaking and beautiful.

Founded by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant in 1911, and later merged with General Motors in 1918, Chevrolet would eventually grow to compete with Ford, overtaking Ford and starting one of the world’s most enduring rivalries.

Through the decades, Chevrolet has developed and sold all manner of cars, from economy vehicles to luxury barges. Here, however, it’s the creative best that we celebrate, because that’s where Chevrolet is unmistakable, iconic, and beloved. If you’re into motorsports, the Talladega Superspeedway near Birmingham is definitely worth checking out.

To do so, we looked back and came up with a list of ten great Chevrolets. We chose our ten based on a few simple criteria: be a best-seller, a trend-setting innovator, a design leader, or a performance superstar, if you have the chance to buy this used car do not hesitate on it, of course if you like classics . In other words, make a difference.

1955 to 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

The amazing and magnificent Chevrolet Bel Air.
The amazing and magnificent Chevrolet Bel Air. (GM/Contact)

Cars. They’re just such a necessary thing. An expensive appliance, much like a washing machine that takes us to where we want to go, no more and no less, that’s why we always keep them working, and we fix them when they broke, and get auto parts online for this purpose. Anything else is just a toxic cloud of marketing hubris.

Right. If you ever truly feel this way, remember the Bel Air.

A 1957 model will do, or really anything from the 1955 – 1957 second generation. That includes one of those crazy awesome Nomads, as well. My word: a 2-door wagon simply can’t be more beautifully crafted or more iconic.

As a part of the Bel Air series, the Nomad reflected the same sense of design balance and creativity that made the Bel Air so culturally relevant for the time. It wasn’t just chrome and taillights, though. The Bel Air also boasted the 1955 debut of Chevrolet’s famous small-block V8 engine.

Facts are simple things, and here’s one disguised as opinion. No other model better represents its era, or its automaker, than these beautiful creations of chrome, metal, and tailfins. Find the best car shampoo at Midnight Driver.

Think of it this way: A Bel Air weighs about the same as a current-day Chevrolet Equinox. I wonder: How many more of those SUVs GM would sell if they added a little Bel Air creativity, romance, and imagination?

1959 Chevrolet Impala

The Chevrolet Impala took tailfins to where they had never been before.
The Chevrolet Impala took tailfins to where they had never been before. (Heritage Images/Getty Images)


There’s creativity, and then there’s steel and chrome-stretching crazy ideas that somehow work themselves into magnificent vehicles. That’s the 1959 Impala, for sure, and it’s just too bad Chevrolet backed off so quickly and normalized the design.

I would sell my house to own a 1959 Impala. Heck, I’d have to, seeing as convertible models can go for around $100,000 on the auction circuit. Then again, is 100 grand enough for something as outrageous as cat eyes under bat wings? That’s worthy of a definite mid-life crisis, kids be damned. Need a car for your family? Go to Used Cars Darwin and get a affordable and nice car.

Formerly a part of the Bel Air nameplate, the second-gen Impala spun-off and created its own lineup in 1959. That’s when they pushed those tailfins down, created the bat wing, and made heads explode.

Tucked inside the Impala were nifty features and design touches, like a contoured dash and a “speedminder” feature. The driver would set the speed limit, and when reached an alarm would sound.

Get yours with a Chevy 348 V8 – and get to cruising on down the road.

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

Few cars represent a brand as well as the Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray.
Few cars represent a brand as well as the Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray. (Chevrolet)

Split rear window, rear haunches, and “stinger” hood bulge – all perfect. The 1963 Corvette Sting Ray just might be completely perfect, and it may just about be the definition of automotive heaven.

Or sweet, sweet wickedness.

Take your pick, but really the 1963 model was certainly one of the most significant ‘Vettes ever released. Newly designed, lighter, and faster, it was yet another styling masterpiece from Chevrolet.

The rear of the coupe, with its split window, is actually a classic but controversial bit of inspiration. After ’63, the split window was gone, a victim of practicality and caution.

It’s not just styling that puts the 1963 model year on this list, however. The Corvette also featured four-wheel independent suspension and 360 horsepower from Chevy’s 327 V8 engine.

1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa

Unsafe at Any Speed. The 1965 Corvair Corsa is a completely different story."/>
Forget about Unsafe at Any Speed. The 1965 Corvair Corsa is a completely different story. (Creative Commons)

Hello there, Ralph Nader. We remember you. You sorta muddled Al Gore’s chance at being president in 2000, and wrote Unsafe at Any Speed in 1964, casting the Chevrolet Corvair to the rusty trash heap of history.

At issue was the infamous swing-axle suspension – and resulting oversteer.

But before you write off the Corvair, look a little closer: After 1964, General Motors switched to a fully independent suspension. And just a few years before the Camaro would come along and finish off the Corvair for good, Chevrolet popped up with the Corsa model – a bonafide best-ever vehicle for the bow-tie brand.

Thanks to the new suspension and more power, this rear-engine phenom was certainly unique, sporty, and a creative classic that stood out as an eclectic treasure.

Was it a poor man’s Porsche, as advertised? Maybe.

1967 to 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Camaro or Mustang? You must choose!
Camaro or Mustang? You must choose! (GM/Contact)

This is the car that sparked a war of words – and races – for generations. The robust and in-your-face answer to the Ford Mustang, the first-gen Camaro had a unique body style and, like the Mustang, plenty of options and powertrains to choose from.

For example, the debut model had over 75 possible builds. That’s a concept that would make today’s online vehicle configurators flame out and literally melt off the server.

As special as they all were, however, it was the Z/28 that was truly unique. At 290 horsepower (ahem, officially), with front disc brakes, and optional Positraction, the Z/28 was called a “turn-key” racer. Only 602 were made in 1967, and as such today’s auction value is well over $100,000.

It was 1969 when the classic muscular Camaro style was introduced, with updates to sheet metal designed to make the car look more aggressive. By 1969, over 20,000 Z/28 models were sold.

The 1969 version was mostly used as inspiration for the Camaro’s fifth-gen return for the 2010 model year.

Chevrolet TrailBlazer Name To Return On New Small Crossover

A new report from Motor Trend alleges General Motors will revive the Chevrolet TrailBlazer name on a new crossover that will fill the narrow gap between the Chevrolet Trax and the Chevrolet Equinox.

The article claims that even though the Trax and TrailBlazer would be very similar to each other in size, the TrailBlazer would be a more premium model than the entry-level Trax and would thus attract a different kind of buyer.

Motor Trend asked Chevrolet marketing director Steve Majoros to comment on the TrailBlazer rumors, who allegedly smiled and said he couldn’t talk about future product, but added that fans should expect some Chevy news in the “2019 calendar year forthcoming.”

Customizing your car on the outside with lights is definitely a great idea if you want to improve the quality of it, but you should also consider changing the color, you can get professional help from these Maserati certified body shops

During traffic jams or between appointments, my Clasiq car has seen a whole lot of meals. With that much time spent in one space, I’ve taken a few stabs at creating the comforts of home within this tiny space.

A teaser image recently surfaced online showing a mysterious new Chevrolet crossover model found on the best chevrolet dealership. The image, which was first shown at General Motors’ Capital Markets Day last Friday, is believed to be the for the next-generation 2020 Chevrolet Trax. Motor Trend believes the crossover could be actually be the rumored TrailBlazer, however. It’s hard to say, with the luxury car dealership, teaser image making it difficult to tell if the vehicle shown is much larger than the current Trax. It does look quite a bit like the Blazer, though, which would make sense for a vehicle called the TrailBlazer. If you like versatile machines for both heavy personal and material transport take a look at this GMC Vandura deal. If you are looking for an used vehicle, check out this used Lexus gs 350.

This could also be the model that was spied testing at GM’s Milford proving grounds (below) which was previously believed to be the Trax. With the two apparently being similar in size, it would be hard to distinguish between them without knowledge GM’s future product plans.

2020 Chevrolet Trax spy shots - Milford Proving Grounds - August 2018 006

The arrival of a crossover that will slot in between the Trax and Equinox seems inevitable, though. Majoros told  Motor Trend that “in this day and age, you can’t have too many,” crossovers, so the automaker is absolutely looking at adding another to its already concentrated CUV portfolio. Whether or not it adopts the TrailBlazer name or not remains to be seen, and if you’re planning to use this car for services as Uber, you can get cheap uber insurance quotes just for this purpose.

Where such a vehicle would be built is another mystery. GM could employ one of its US plants to build the so-called’ TrailBlazer’, or build it in profit-friendly Mexico. Korea is another option, which builds the current Chevrolet Trax at its plant in Incheon just outside of Seoul.

GM Authority will have all the details on the new Chevrolet Trax and TrailBlazer is they become available.

Technical Section – Q & A’s – Upkeep Hints

Please note: Questions and answers are provided for information and advice purposes. No liability either express or implied is assumed by reliance on the information presented either by the writers or the CC.

Some or all of the below is from our Facebook Group and this is just a part of what appears there and in the member magazine.

Also be sure to see our Facebook group for immediate help from fellow members.

Q:     How do I replace the transmission filter on my 1986 Chevrolet Caprice station wagon 305? The transmission is having a hard time shifting. I want to replace the filter myself, how do I go about doing it?


A:     Take the trans oil pan off, Have an oil catching pan under it. Change the filter, replace the gasket and oil pan, Then add new oil, if you are unsure about this procedure I’d recommend getting transmission services.

You should also go to your local parts store and purchase yourself a Haynes Manual for your specific vehicle. It retails for about $15. It has colored illustrations and complete information on how to completely rebuild your vehicle from top to bottom.

Now if it has been a long time since the fluid has been changed you may do more harm than good. The old fluid in there is thick and gunked up which actually helps the worn out bands.

Removing the thick fluid and replacing it with clean thin fluid will more than likely cause the transmission to go out for good. Transmission fluid should be changed about every 25,000-30,000 miles.

Lon Fisk

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