2009 Chevrolet Sequel

By Erik B. Johnson
If you arrived at this page and thought to yourself that this all sounds very familiar, you’re not going crazy. The vehicle you see here is the sequel–groan–to the GM Sequel, a hydrogen-powered crossover first shown at the 2005 Detroit auto show. Now badged a Chevrolet, the formula remains the same: hydrogen fuel cells, lithium ion batteries charged via regenerative braking, drive-by-wire controls, and three electric motors to drive the wheels.

The Sequel will accomplish the 0-to-60-mph sprint in about ten seconds and travel up to 300 miles  between fuel stops. Hydrogen in the fuel cell is converted directly to electric energy by inverters for the electric motors (one front, two rear), which produce a combined 115 kW (154 hp) of oomph. Under acceleration, the motors are augmented by power from the batteries. The only emission from all of the chemical hoodoo? Water vapor. We’d call this Sequel a follow-up worth watching.