From the Editors’ Desk

by Robert Thomas and Frank Ochal

'79 Nova of Sarosh Butt Welcome to all of the many new members that have joined since the last issue of the WORLD.

We have a new website for mobile phone users at . It is easier to read on smart cell phones than the regular website.

We have updated our payment form on our website to directly take credit card and PayPal payments. Your credit card is now checked for accuracy and verified and your order is placed into a shopping cart of items awaiting checkout. This type of program should be very familiar to people who pay for items on other Internet websites and is available on the PayPal/Credit Card website button. The old form will also remain for members that are comfortable with it.

In addition to the items found in our regular club store, more store merchandise including tote bags, caps, sweat pants, shorts and other items can be found at our Fieldhouse Club Store located at

I am happy to inform you that Technical Sections is now available which contains a complete copy of all the Technical Sections, topics, questions and answers published in the World. It is available on CD-Rom only for PC or Mac in pdf format and contains reprints of the technical sections published in the World published from 1998 to 2007. It is indexed by subject for easy reference and contains articles, topics, questions and answers and is available in the Club Store section of each World and on the website at . Another new item in the store is a complete copy of the past ten years of the World available on CD only for PC or Mac.

Finally the club has a new and much improved message board. This is something that many of our members have wanted for a long time. Be sure to check it out. You can access through the club website at or directly at .

We have a members only section of the message board. You can use the user id and password on page 3 of each World or you can get a personal id and password. To do so, register and then logon to the message board and send a message to us. This allows you to access the MEMBER ONLY QUESTION & ANSWER and UPKEEP & PERFORMANCE HINTS area.  It also allows you to post items in the FOR SALE and WANTED sections as well as post photos in the MEMBER PHOTOS area. Also there is a now a Local Groups/Activities section.

The club also now has a blog located at . Members can publish items to the Blog.

The Chevy Club has a new photo gallery located at . The same login is used for the gallery as the Message Board. Members can download photos to the gallery.

You can now find us on the popular networking sites, and in the groups section.

We now offer a 3 year membership or renewal rate which includes a free t-shirt. And in response to many members we now have a 3 year eMembership for $50 which also includes a free t-shirt or tech sections CD. So save some money and get a free t-shirt or tech CD in the process!

We also have a members only section where only members can access with the User ID and Password found on page 3 of this issue. Members now have access to the newsletter and other items. Also now you can to create your own id and password for the members only section. Submit the form on the members only page to do this.

We also send members the eWorld so send us your email address. Do not worry if you do not have an email address as you will get all of the information sent in the eWorld in the regular World but it may be in a different format and at later date because of printing and mailing considerations. Please let us know what you think of this and what type of info you would like to see included. Also be sure to update your email address when and if it changes.

We are in need of additional people for our technical staff. If you think you would like to help your fellow members in this way, please contact us. The position could also benefit you as the technical staff people can advertise their business free in the newsletter as well as by letter and phone. Help your fellow members while you publicize your expertise. Contact us if you are interested.

If you have parts to sell or exchange be sure to send us your legible list so that it can be distributed to members. We also offer free classified ads to members that appear world wide on the Internet.

Thanks for your support and enjoy driving your Chevy!!