2012 Chevy Orlando

2012 Orlando

The Detroit- based automaker, a while ago has released the 2012 Chevrolet Orlando pricing for Canadian earlier before the vehicle come in markets across the country due on October 2011.

At first, the bigwigs at the General Motor have set the Chevrolet Orlando to arrive in the United States, yet they thought it again and decided to offer the 7 seater model only in Canada. The Chevrolet Orlando came in European dealerships earlier this year.

Three trim levels of the 2012 Orlando are offered in Canada, bringing along with the price tags starts from CA$19,995 (US$20,260) for the LS model, CA$22,295 (US$22,591) for the LT model, while the flagship LTZ model cost at CA$29,735 (US$30,130).

A 2.4 liter Ecotec four- cylinder engine completed with direct injection technology is mounted to all models, producing an output of 174 horsepower. The engine is estimated to deliver fuel consumption at 6.7 l/ 100 km or around 35.1 mpg US on the highway and 10.1 l/ 100 km or equal to 23.3 mpg US in the city, only when fixed to a six speed manual. On the other side, when hooked up to a six- speed automatic, the engine will deliver fuel consumption at 6.9 lt/100 km (34 mpg US) on the highway and 10.6 lt/100km (22.2 mpg US) in the city.

The and managing director of General Motors of Canada said that the new Chevrolet Orlando should be a famed choice in Canadian market since the vehicle is a segment leading fuel economy and standard 7 passenger seating. Furthermore, the new Orlando is based on the transformation of Chevrolets’s fuel efficient and flexible product range which comes in family- friendly car across the segment in Canadian market.

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