Chevrolet TrailBlazer Name To Return On New Small Crossover

A new report from Motor Trend alleges General Motors will revive the Chevrolet TrailBlazer name on a new crossover that will fill the narrow gap between the Chevrolet Trax and the Chevrolet Equinox.

The article claims that even though the Trax and TrailBlazer would be very similar to each other in size, the TrailBlazer would be a more premium model than the entry-level Trax and would thus attract a different kind of buyer.

Motor Trend asked Chevrolet marketing director Steve Majoros to comment on the TrailBlazer rumors, who allegedly smiled and said he couldn’t talk about future product, but added that fans should expect some Chevy news in the “2019 calendar year forthcoming.”

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A teaser image recently surfaced online showing a mysterious new Chevrolet crossover model found on the best chevrolet dealership. The image, which was first shown at General Motors’ Capital Markets Day last Friday, is believed to be the for the next-generation 2020 Chevrolet Trax. Motor Trend believes the crossover could be actually be the rumored TrailBlazer, however. It’s hard to say, with the luxury car dealership, teaser image making it difficult to tell if the vehicle shown is much larger than the current Trax. It does look quite a bit like the Blazer, though, which would make sense for a vehicle called the TrailBlazer. If you like versatile machines for both heavy personal and material transport take a look at this GMC Vandura deal. If you are looking for an used vehicle, check out this used Lexus gs 350.

This could also be the model that was spied testing at GM’s Milford proving grounds (below) which was previously believed to be the Trax. With the two apparently being similar in size, it would be hard to distinguish between them without knowledge GM’s future product plans.

2020 Chevrolet Trax spy shots - Milford Proving Grounds - August 2018 006

The arrival of a crossover that will slot in between the Trax and Equinox seems inevitable, though. Majoros told  Motor Trend that “in this day and age, you can’t have too many,” crossovers, so the automaker is absolutely looking at adding another to its already concentrated CUV portfolio. Whether or not it adopts the TrailBlazer name or not remains to be seen, and if you’re planning to use this car for services as Uber, you can get cheap uber insurance quotes just for this purpose.

Where such a vehicle would be built is another mystery. GM could employ one of its US plants to build the so-called’ TrailBlazer’, or build it in profit-friendly Mexico. Korea is another option, which builds the current Chevrolet Trax at its plant in Incheon just outside of Seoul.

GM Authority will have all the details on the new Chevrolet Trax and TrailBlazer is they become available.

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