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Q:     I’ve had a water leak that’s ending up in my driver’s side carpet on my 1999 Silverado, creating a puddle all over the driver’s side carpet. I’ve been told my different mechanics to fix my weather seals, windshield seals, get a windshield replacement , look at my fender, and even check my vapor barrier on the door panel. Today I took off my driver side door panel and the vapor barrier was perfectly dry. I am looking for CDL Truck Driver Positions Available, the truck will sit this next week to see if water comes in when it’s just raining, or when I am driving. After pulling up my carpet I saw a small wet spot underneath the brake pedal. I bought this truck to learn how to fix any problems myself, as I would love to learn instead of paying for someone else to fix it. I need to drive almost every day for college, so hoping to not have to send it a shop and just work on it when home.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


A:     I experienced a situation where I was getting moisture build up under the rubber mat and carpet on the driver side of my 03 Silverado. It had no odor like anti freeze so it wasn’t a heater hose leaking so I narrowed it down to plain water of some sort, but where from and how is it getting in?? My carpet and mat would be wet on non rainy days so that really threw me for a curve. I finally narrowed it down to the AC Condenser. The condenser has a plastic sealed housing around it that also serves as a catch-pan for condensation build up. Attached to the bottom of that pan is a rubber tube that leads out to the firewall of the truck to drain. Turns out, I had so much crud or sludge built up (decades worth) in that catch pan that the drain tube got clogged leading to overflow and ultimately leaking water from the top of the catch pan that clipped to the condenser housing and just to be sure I bought a car covers in order to reduce the moisture becoming trapped under the bodywork and potentially damaging the car’s paint. Since then I’ve been high and dry!…well just dry anyway. The overflow was what was making the floor board wet. I got the parts to fix the condenser at a Commercial Truck Parts for Sale store.

Nicholas Turon